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Welcome to Yukari Natori's blog.

I am a boy living in Tokyo, Japan.

I am going to do my best to translate my blogs in English. Although it has not completed yet, it is a great pleasure for me to hear from you something what you feel on me. 

English translated blogs:

My Winter:
Since as you know Japan is a long country which lies from a southern tropical area to northern arctic area, one can enjoy variety of seasons. I have uploaded my activities in every seasons as a blog. Especially among them you will find I am playing in chilly cold winter snow. White of snow is very beautiful. I am enjoying to discover something that I have never seen before. However, because of the recent global warming, the most enjoyable season is getting shorter and shorter every year. If you have some similar experiences, it is a great pleasure for me to talk about our experience with you.



Winter vacation in Hokkaido in 2009:

25 Nov 2008 Attractive blue (under construction)